The Advantages of Hiring an Independent Professional Dog Walker for Your Dog


On-Foot, No Car-rides: 

Your dog enjoys engaging walks through parks, peaceful streets and nature areas in the neighbourhood with opportunities for off-leash romps. We spend the whole time walking, exploring and playing. 


Small Groups:

 We walk dogs in small groups to ensure that each dog gets enough attention and space on the sidewalk. This way your dog spends less time waiting for all of their friends to get picked up and dropped off along the way, which means more time spent strolling quiet residential streets and playing at the park.


Great Communication: 

Receive pupdates about your dog's day and enjoy photo updates on social media. Puppies get have their progress charted to help keep them on track with socialization and training.


Committed to a Caring Approach:

We use only positive reinforcement training and force-free equipment. Dogs in our care enjoy high-quality holistic treats. We'll always be gentle and respectful with your dog, give them clear expectations and provide the structure they need to feel safe and happy.


Safe and Prepared:

St John Ambulance Pet First Aid Certified, we carry a doggie first aid kit, extra leash and water bowl. We take safety seriously and exercise a lot of precautions at the park and on the street. We continually work on building each dog's recall, focus and confidence to help prevent accidents. We're trained to recognize signs of stress and fear in dogs and we know how to respond appropriately and with compassion. 


Helpful and Knowledgeable:

With a background in positive reinforcement training, we ensure that dogs in our care go about their day as good friends and neighbours. We take the path of least resistance by rewarding good behaviour and redirecting unwanted behaviours towards productive ones. This method is scientifically proven to be the best way to bring out positive behaviour in dogs and curb troublesome behaviours. 


Comprehensive Insurance:

Extensive coverage through Canadian Pet Pro for peace of mind. We're bonded and insured to the highest extent in the industry.


See You Tomorrow:

Consistent, loving and highly personal service from the same person every day. You know how much your dog enjoys routine and predictability. We're also happy to stuff Kongs, fill water and food bowls and leave the lights or radio on just as we do for our own dogs. 


Friendly and Fun:

We like to stop for cuddle breaks, silly photo shoots and games of fetch/tug and we encourage the dogs to investigate their environment and greet other dogs and people when appropriate.


We Come When You Call:

Once we're acquainted with you and your dog we can offer flexible scheduling. Accepting new clients within our service area, please see our Contact page.


We're Loved:

Check out our Happy Tails page for recommendations from clients. Walk With Meg has been voted one of the Best Dog Walking Services in Toronto by BlogTO. We're also proud Members of the Pet Professionals Guild.

We're also members of the Toronto Dog Walker's Association, a membership gained through experience and excellence. We're proud to represent the highest ethical and professional standards in the industry, focusing on force-free care and safety, continuing education, and respect for our clients and the community.


Socialization, adventure, friendship and confidence-         building for your dog


Walk With Meg